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Are you a local business of Salem, OR or a Startup Online Company? We would love to see you here. Afterwork Hub is all about Small Businesses and how we can provide space for your growth. Join us for free and get started by growing your audience and helping other small businesses along the way. Connections is where it all starts!


$5.00 + $3.00 per 60 days

VIP is our Exclusive Support Group that helps fund the community for our hosting servers and added future features. Often times it will go straight back into the community Pot Luck .The Pot Luck is when Admins will use the funds collected to buy something for a lucky winner of the VIP's. In addition there is also more benefits being added for VIP early or exclusively for the group. Here are some other major key differences that you will gain access too:

  • VIP Lounge and Private Chat Rooms + Your Own Chat Room if you wish.
  • Instead of 1 Club, you can manage up to 3 clubs. + Monetize it.
  • Priority Ticket System
  • Different Color Username to stand out.
  • Additional Storage
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Private forums to help influence the direction of the community.
  • Early access to new or upcoming features
  • Store Discounts and Loyalty Discounts
  • Access To Gallery: Can create Albums etc.
  • and much more!

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