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Are you a local business of Salem, OR or a Startup Online Company? We would love to see you here. Afterwork Hub is all about Small Businesses and how we can provide space for your growth. Join us for free and get started by growing your audience and helping other small businesses along the way. Connections is where it all starts!


These guidelines are written out of respect for the Normal User Experience. Afterwork Hub has the right to edit, delete, move, or disband groups/clubs where needed in order to protect the user base of this website. At anytime these  Guidelines, Terms & Rules or Privacy Policy may change. At that moment of login you will be forced to read and agree after it has been altered by the management staff of this community. Please read carefully and agree to these terms of rules and guidelines.

1. Community Wide Rules & Regulations

Users are granted a free account upon registration. Display name, password, and e-mail are all required. Please see the privacy policy page.You'll have access granted to most places as set out by the Staff Administration.

Keeping it Mature...

Being a user here we expect you to act mature and fair with other users. This means you are accounted for what you say and do within the community. Admins and Moderators have the right to edit, delete or move your post where they deem necessary.

Spam and Trolling...

Spam and Trolling is a Zero Tolerance and Bannable Offenses on the site.
Spamming: Sending links, files, reposting unoriginal content already created by a user before hand and/or advertising without prior Administration Consent.
 Trolling: Acting Immature, spreading false information, instigating fights/comments/issues, and causing site wide interruptions.

What NOT to Post...

Do not post anything that is racial, sexual, links deem offensive, offensive material of any kind, illegal, or discriminatory towards others religious rights or profile. This is a Zero Tolerance and a PERMANENT BAN. 

Do not share or publish private information, this includes but not limited to; addresses, phone numbers, emails, or login information. This is considered Doxing and will be reported to your ISP.


2. Other Featured Rules

Chat Rooms: Keep it clean and follow the General Rules.
Clubs: A user is limited to be an author at 1 Club at a time. The club subject should be kept clean and it's own rules posted while also following the Community Wide Rules. 




3. Downloads & Store

Download section is reserved for File Authors who have Things to share, often times it's used for PDF and Guides for peer advisement.

The store is also a place reserved for a open Marketplace for the community to sell their digital Merch. All new shop items are to be approved before it is published.


4. Our Oath on Privacy

"We do solemnly swear that we will never sell, share, or distribute in any fashion (digital or physical) our users private information. If approached by a firm or group of any kind we will kindly reject and ignore such offers."

We swear to this because Privacy is a HUGE concern, even in the year 2020 most giant corporations gather and sell your info without consent. This is why we DO NOT have logins from Social Media or other sites that would gather our information.





Afterwork Hub is about the people who seek work in the real world, a place online where normal folks seek employment. There is over a thousands different kind of Industry and millions of different jobs and positions out there willing to be filled. With Afterwork Hub our mission is to help others in finding work, we can't always promise best results with each individual but we can at least guarantee that we will provide the best peer support that most websites cannot provide at a free rate. Our subscription services is only there to support the owners of the site to maintain website maintenance , updates, tools, hosting costs and security.  

Our services are purely in the hands of the community on when, where, and how the community proceeds to grow. Without it's user base this site ceases to continue it's mission. The Staff are simply here to enforce rules, moderate discussions, modify the site at see fit, and proceed adding on resources that would fit the community at best. Afterwork Hub is a independent ran website designed around the idea of making services more convenient for the average user in mind. We strive to find what the user is seeking out in the world without exploiting their true identity on an anonymous peer community. 

We are a Union Safe Website, we believe that Unions are a key factor in most jobs of Industries. This does not mean we are firm believers on one side of Political Agenda's, nor do we promote a particular side of political behavior. Social Media already controls that domain and Afterwork Hub keeps out of any political spectrum. We are only promoting groups that increase jobs and even wages in some cases. Furthermore we will not lean on ideology that would compromise workforce, unions, career seekers, and Job Seekers.

Prepared: 12/22/2019
Revised: 01/22/2020

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