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Are you a local business of Salem, OR or a Startup Online Company? We would love to see you here. Afterwork Hub is all about Small Businesses and how we can provide space for your growth. Join us for free and get started by growing your audience and helping other small businesses along the way. Connections is where it all starts!

  1. Community Pub

    1. Stay At Home

      The General Discussion Forum where we can discuss randomness things.

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    2. Make an Entrance

      Introduce yourself in this forum, where you from? What's your hobbies or skills? 

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    3. Spread the Good Word

      Feeling Down? Community Members can put awesome and positive news here.

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    4. Ask the Community

      The Peer-to-peer advice is asked here. Ask the community anything and let your fellow community members answer it for you.

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  2. Get to Work

    1. Industry Job Posts

      Find Job Postings in your area. Use the website search bar in order to find particular job posts that fit you.

  3. Back Room

    1. Ask the Staff

      Ask us anything and we'll get back with you on it.

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  4. VIP Lounge

    1. Community Direction

      As a VIP you can influence the staff on how our community should continue on all its future projects.

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    2. Pot Luck

      This is where we give each other cool stuff, often times Management will giveaway awesome prizes just for being a VIP!

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