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Are you a local business of Salem, OR or a Startup Online Company? We would love to see you here. Afterwork Hub is all about Small Businesses and how we can provide space for your growth. Join us for free and get started by growing your audience and helping other small businesses along the way. Connections is where it all starts!

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Afterwork Hub's First Roadmap and Plans

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The Guy


   Listening to one of favorite songs right now as I write this to help me focus writing ("Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd.) While thinking more in depth on how we will meet the standards of the site and community we need a solid Roadmap that I and whoever is on the team to follow so that we know what we have to bring to the table overtime. I've decided that we will first release the services in phases as we grow. The issue is not having the proper marketing and word to ear of this place existence, so rather than pouring hundreds of dollars on dirt we will pour it on top of a gold mine, plus it's more shiny than dirt. 

Basically I broke down the first roadmap into phases which will help guide ourselves to our main goals for what we want to come out of this business. These phases are made transparent so that the community as well public knows of what we plan to do. This in turn could last up to a 5 year plan given the success rate.


Phase 1...

The first phase is when we accumulate 100 ACTIVE (keyword being active) users we will need to switch to a dedicated VPS so that our server can manage more traffic and users, as well as the files for the download section. In order to handle costs we would also need to have at least 5% of the user base on the VIP Subscription. Within that phase we will strategize ways to help small local businesses within the area and network where's those need help advertising and marketing their merchandise. Before we move onto the next phase we need to reevaluate the business structure and get licensed as a LLC.

Phase 2...

In the second phase we will open up smaller businesses on this website to reach a global audience to share their business from all over the world. Using the Clubs feature each business will be able to share their product and have people sign up to setup their page. Afterworkhub handles the back-end as long as the business handles the front end. Before moving onto the next phase will need to be networked with several small to medium sized businesses. Partner up with job seeking companies and partners to better find employment for those who are still seeking work or workers for their businesses. 

Phase 3...

Our last starting phase is to help businesses use our shop to ship their physical or digital goods. Exclusively with us, members will get discounts and royalty discounts. Small businesses marketing will also account to the factor of the community as we expand  to a medium sized business our selves.  Our end goal for the first roadmap is be partnered with local and website entrepreneurs striving their business goals for success. 




The startup roadmap may change overtime and be modified based on the results and outcome of the situation. COVID-19 has struck the world hard, we want to be the alternative to that issue. The mission to set out and make sure that stay at home is a viable option for everyone running a small business. While we do heal in time there are different avenues to explore and all we want to do is help businesses be risen up.

Thank you for reading and I only hope that this helps clears some of the potential of what I aim to do!

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