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Hit hard by Covid-19 so this happened...

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The Guy


  Many things were abandoned in this pandemic and while we are all trying to strive upon to find work or make money to pay that darn utility bill we try our very best at survival--afterwork hub is no exception. Managing the site was just not doable in this nasty time of history so I left it running without any real work done. I alone have completely forgot it's existence since family was #1 priority. Spending time outside of the website had me thinking; is it all worth the trouble running a community again, should I just abandon my online passion project? What good will this community come out of? Why is it so hard to nail the perfect niche of this site?

It came clear to me that this COVID-19 seems to have no light at the end of the tunnel so I wrapped things up and visit all I can with my family and try my hardest to get a online presence with this site. The first thing I really want to concentrate on is the identity of the community and why it is on the web. Secondly I want to try at least find people who could be interested in a community such as this that would help me run it--but not just run it but lead it in the right direction. Lastly, my vision is clear and it is to only help people find ways to get work and money. Struggles and tribulations can be overcome, we all had to experience it one way or another. One fact remains clear is that we have to continue to strive as a species, climate change is also a factor in these trying times, so picking the right job in the climate you work also accounts for the economy as a whole.

Hopefully one day I can see the light of day on this website project and finally make something of it. But how would I make it so unique that people want to partake in such a website? The Niche isn't everything that website critiques say that is required. As long as their is a purpose, goal, and setup in place you should be golden. Looks yes have a small factor but should it really be the focus? These are the questions that keep me up to 5 A.M in the morning. 

While I am going to be active the next few days I am going to work on this site and put my work into the site at long last!

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