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Are you a local business of Salem, OR or a Startup Online Company? We would love to see you here. Afterwork Hub is all about Small Businesses and how we can provide space for your growth. Join us for free and get started by growing your audience and helping other small businesses along the way. Connections is where it all starts!

  • Welcome to the Afterwork Hub!

    Afterwork Hub is something to help your own business grow. How? It's easy, just create a free account, setup a club shop and you are good to go. We are committed to helping local businesses in our area as well online website startups. There are plenty of features and services we provide to make it all possible and convivence to you. Our community is standing by to help you find ways that can improve your growth, the clubs are support groups made by the community with like minded people like yourself.

    Afterwork Hub isn't your regular "forum" it's a service and work space for people to relax and share their businesses. Flex your ideas onto the internet by blogging and sharing your moments, post new discussions that will raise the bar to better support your community. 



    What's the difference from other social pages?

    Although we share a lot of the same features as facebook and ideas from LinkIn in terms as business pages go, we are a open source site giving free range to all types of businesses. This site is managed by normal people such as yourself. We do separate ourselves from social networks because our goal is to keep our heads just low enough to keep closer to the community we serve rather than just for profits. We would rather see businesses thrive with the passion behind it than see it self wither for only profits.

    Community and Family

    We are all about community and family. Businesses that need started up usually look to family and we want to help you achieve that goal of getting your name out there. The community you serve is far more rewarding because of the connections you meet along the way become family.

    Employment Assistance

    We are an open board that provides help for people who need work or businesses in need of employees.

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